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Anonymous asked: OMG! Yukiteru (it's your name, right?), you gave me my joy of life back! How come I consider myself as a big Jing's fan, and I didn't know, that she had a movie!!! OMG, thank you so-so-so-so-so-so much for giving me the link! And, yeah, Jing definitly needs to do some selling of her old clothes, 'cause her style is that great. Thank you so much for the answer! I'm gonna stop now, 'cause I litter your blog with my "Ask"s. Have a nice day! -Sarah


Yo Sarah :D yep that’s me name! Haha I’m glad you feel joy (: I feel even more happy that you send asks my way! *clings onto Jing’s big fan* hehe ENJOY THE FILM!!

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Anonymous asked: Hello! Thank you so much for your nice answer. I always thought, that Jing is lesbian (TT). Anyways, yeah, please, give me link to that short-film. I have another question for you, not sure, if you can answer me, but I like Jing's style so much, and I'm curious where she buys her clothes and accessories. Do you know some stores? Thanks. -Sarah


Hey again (: It was no problem at all, I’m very happy to help! 

Jing Chang: Love of Music pt. 1 (eng sub). Be sure to check out the behind the scenes for more hilarity! More about the rumors and interactions (x) (x)

Let’s see.. These are the few brands that I know of:

1. Outerspace She wore some of their tees in Alone in Tokyo 365 deg (personally my favourite store because i’m a sucker for street fashion)

2. NeoDANDY She was endorsed by this brand for outdoor performances. if you dig deep enough into their photo stream/albums you could find her photos.

3. two percent hk I could be wrong but i think she gets her bottoms from the th: line 

She also wears NIKE shirts and shoes. You might also be interested in RAGEBLUE and Mr.Rich. other resources: (x)

Thanks for the ask, and i hope i’ve helped!

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Anonymous asked: Hello. Is Jing dating a guy? Like, this Fabian? Anyways, I like your blog. Thank you so much for keeping it up. Have a nice day. -Sarah


Hi Sarah! Thanks for sticking with this blog (: there were rumours about that after they filmed a short film together 2 years ago, (mostly because of that photo of them holding hands) but they didn’t explicitly admit nor deny their r/s. It seems that the speculation had died down a lot now, I have not seen anything resurface lately. (I am so out of touch these days gosh) if you need I can link you to the vid and photo (: have a great day !

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‘I Want My Seven Dwarfs’ Music Performance

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krakenmagic asked: HALLO


you got halo or nah?


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this song has nice, uplifting string arrangements (no wonder she’s flying in her music video heh) - they make your heart want to soar through the clouds. really.

(Tumblr is cutting off the album picture!)

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我没有疯 (I’m Not Crazy) - 张芸京 (Jing Chang)

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5 things i like about myself

I got tagged by mythical-rhink :) I’ve been away for a while so sorry for the late response!

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